Queer issues in Singapore


Queer culture is diverse. We've had enough of being prescribed identities by everyone except ourselves.


Honey, why are you doing this?

We want to share the queer narratives that don't get enough attention. This includes stories that aren't glamorous enough for Instagram, the struggles of those still in the closet and the onerous process of finding out where one lies on the spectrum of sexuality, amongst other things.

We believe that documenting our community is essential for acceptance, understanding and tolerance, be it by the wider community or within the community.

What do you mean by "queer"?

A queer person refers to someone who does not conform to conventional standards of sexuality and gender.

When we refer to the queer community, we refer to the individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+, non-binary, genderfluid, asexual etcetera. This includes those who are questioning their sexualities.

What stuff do you publish?

We want to bring queer issues to the forefront of Singapore's publishing landscape.

We are interested in creative work that is produced by or about the queer community, for example:

  • Queer visual art and creative writing

  • Coming out stories, break-up stories

  • Op-eds, viewpoints, and perspectives

  • Interviews, mini-biographies

Submit your work to us at hello@swingmagsg.com.